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[PT-BR] Sejam todos bem vindos ao L2 Interface
- Estaremos colocando em breve, mais noticias sobre o servidor
- Forum estará online até o final de semana

[EN-US] Welcome everyone to the L2 Interface

- We will be putting in soon, more news about the server
- Forum will be online by the end of week

Server Informations

Information about our server rates:
[+] Chronicle: Interlude
[+] All grandbosses respawn time: Custom Respawn. See the Forum
[+] Barakiel respawn time: 4-6h

[+] Buff slots: 20 +4 Slots
[+] Buff duration: 1 hours.

[+] Experience: x50
[+] Experience in party: x1.5
[+] Pet experience: x15
[+] Skill Points: x60
[+] Adena Drop: x75
[+] Item Drop: x8
[+] GrandBoss Item Drop: 1x x1
[+] Spoil Drop: x15
[+] RaidBoss Spoil Drop: x2
[+] GrandBoss Spoil Drop: x1
[+] Quest Drop/Reward: x10

[+] C Grade / B Grade / A Grade Crafters Trade Adena in Npcs
[+] S Drop Farm Zone - Adena an Ancient Adena.
[+] Custons Farms / Custons Pvp Zones
[+] Chaotic Zone - Flag on enter in Boss Zones

Full information click below
Currently this is only one server.